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Ed and Rooster came to life in 2018. With a new video camera, Lucy wanted to shoot short content but found working with human actors came with limited schedules. She aimed her camera at the gulls on the beach in Oscoda, Michigan (USA). Their antics and personalities intrigued her. She approached Chris, her co-writer on many award-winning feature scripts, about writing a web series starring the gulls. There was a steep learning curve for the new film maker. Finding the right voices for Ed and Rooster was a struggle, until Bryan Crespo stepped up and gave it a try - and he did spectacular.
"Seagull Stories" launched with the first episode of twelve in December 2018. The web series is still available on YouTube. 
A chance conversation with other film makers at a film festival, brought the realization that you CAN produce a feature film on a tiny budget. Lucy approached the team that worked on "Seagull Stories" with the idea of a feature film starring Ed and Rooster. Everyone was on board and two years later in August 2021 "Ed and Rooster's Great Adventure" was completed!!

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