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Ed and Rooster are pleased to announce that their movie has won awards, or been selected into, the following film festivals around the world.

updated 24Jan22



Best Alternate Reality Feature AND

Best Production with Outstanding Voice/Narration Quality:

2022 MLC Awards

Best Feature of the Fest AND

Best Debut Director:

2021 Red Dragon Creative Awards

Best Feature Film:

2021 Thinking Hat Challenge

Best Comedy Feature:

2021 Accord Cine Fest

Best Alternative Feature Film:

2021 AltFF Alternative Film Festival

Best Experimental Feature Film:

2021 Beyond Earth Film Festival

Best Experimental Film:

2021 Indie Movies Spark Film Festival

Best Feature Film for $5K-10K:

2021 MP Film Awards


Special Jury Award: 2021 Andromeda FF

Outstanding Achievement Award for a Cult Film: 2021 Cult Critic Movie Awards

SILVER Outstanding Achievement Award:

2021 Virgin Spring Cinefest

Outstanding Achievement Award for a Debut Filmmaker:

2021 Calcutta International Cult Film Festival

Outstanding Achievement Award for a Debut Filmmaker AND Outstanding Achievement Award for a Family Film:

2021 World Film Carnival - Singapore

Outstanding Achievement Award for a Narrative Feature:

2021 Black Swan International Film Festival

Honor Award Winner:

2021 Pure Magic International FF

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2021 V.i.Z. Film Fest


2022 Aphrodite Film Festival

Honorable Mention:

2021 London International Monthly FF


Best Mid-West Made Movie

2022 MLC Awards

Exceptional Merit for a Feature with Animals:

2021 Nature Without Borders International Film Festival

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2021 Iconic Images Film Festival

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